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I drive by this place a lot.  I always want to stop and take a bunch of pictures of it but it’s on a busy country road and I usually have my kids with me.  But this once, I stopped.   The time of day was perfect and I love these images.  This is how I see this spot.  Grand, peaceful, warm and beautiful.

wasaga beach farm

wasaga beach farm

  • Darren Alessi - August 21, 2014 - 8:01 pm

    Amazing light and colors (colours?) Sara! xo -D

My sweet Connor. We’ve spent a lot of time at the trailer this summer and you are getting so comfortable in the water now that I’m looking forward to seeing you progress in swimming lessons more quickly this winter.  We spent a week up there at the start of July and like usual you made me laugh on numerous occassions about cute (and smart) things that came of your mouth – I love your thought process.  On the drive up, you closed your eyes and said “Mommy, I’m going to go sleep now because that makes us get there faster”.  I wish I had a better memory so I could remember all the other adorable things you say.

This first image was taken just before we went frog catching at a nearby pond.  You made us release the frogs after and it made my heart burst with love and pride that you were showing compassion for living things at this young age.  You are so good with Jessie so it shouldn’t have surpised me though.

newmarket child photographer

You still love to cuddle with me every chance you get and I am dreading the day when you get too old to be cuddling with your momma.  I know the time will come soon enough and because of that, I have been a little lax about sleeping arrangements and most nights I find you and your brother in my bed at some point.  But for the most part you are becoming very independent, wanting to do everything on your own.

york region family photography

But you do have your days of drama.  You are quick with your temper but also quick to get over things.  You usually make me laugh when you are having a little meltdown about something but I have to hide my giggles because it’s not acceptable behaviour.  Here’s a perfect “Connor” face lol.

markham family photographer

But all in all, you are an amazing little boy.  You are active and imaginative and extremely intelligent.  You are sweet and thoughtful and you are passionate.  I love you.

toronto children

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Where has the time gone.  I missed a few months of these letters after only just starting this project so I need to get back on track.  We are going through home reno’s right now and the house looks like a bomb went off most days.  Needless to say, it’s hectic around here…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

If you recall, I’ve joined a group of talented ladies in writing monthly letters to our sons that they can look back on to see what they were doing and what interested them.  This month, I’m writing Zach again

My Zach,

The last few months have flown by.  We are counting down the days this week which will signify the end of Kindergarten for you.  I am so proud of your accomplishments this year and both sad and excited to see you graduate.  You are growing so fast.  You have learned to read so quickly and effectively.  You understand how to sound words out well and I know grade 1 is going to be a breeze for you.  And I’ve seen your interest in drawing grow immensely over the these last few months.  I think it has something to do with your current obsession with Minecraft but whatever the reason, I’m so happy to see your artistic skills budding.  You aren’t a huge fan of school though.  Every morning you attempt to convince as to why you don’t need to go to school and then you even resort to negotiating lol.  You do this a lot… before every baseball game last summer, before most hockey practices and games this past winter… I’m thinking you are going to be in sales or in some role as a negotiator is some capacity later in life.   But I’m thrilled that you haven’t started this with soccer yet – is it possible we have actually found a sport that you and your brother like?  I took this photo at your second game and your expression makes me giggle:

newmarket soccer association

You were excited about having soccer cleats and shin guards along with your own ball.  And you worked hard…I mean really hard at this game.



I love you and your brother more than anything and so excited to know our family vacation starts in only a few days.  Like always, I love you more than anything, every where and every time.


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Our blog circle’s fifth month of pictures following the M4H’s  weekly themes has flown by.  I’m so so so behind in editing my own personal pictures…I don’t have a single picture hanging on my wall if that tells you anything.   I’m loving this project because it forces me to review all the images I take of my poor kids throughout the month and at least post a few.  I’m doing this project with a group of extremely talented photographers from all over so I hope you follow the blog circle by visiting Christine over at I Gotcha Photography next!


Week 18 – Moody

18 - Moody, web

 Week 19 – Faces

Wasaga Beach Trailer, children

Week 20 – Light

boys, natural light, newmarket

Week 21 – My Backyard

bokeh, dandelion seeds, boy, newmarket

Week 22 – My Life

dog licking boy, newmarket

  • Heather Stockett - June 5, 2014 - 6:51 pm

    Oh, Sara! These are beautiful! I love that bokeh image. It’s stunning. And the puppy kiss…so sweet <3

  • Christine - June 8, 2014 - 11:46 pm

    AWWWWW….so great!! does your little guy have nail polish on his toes? Adorable!!! are they ever growing up! Ok love them all but I have to say the one of them playing in their cute underwear is sweet! Love the moment! I only have little princess underwear for my girl so seeing little cute boy underwear makes me smile! lol Great job Sara!!
    PS your comment about the shot of my daughter and I cracked me up! ok I will print it! 😉

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  • jordan parks - June 11, 2014 - 2:12 pm

    these are awesome!! that bokeh one is killer!

Well I was bad and missed April’s circle.   It was such a crazy busy month and I’m trying my hardest to catch up with everything…the cleaning, laundry, home projects and just taking moments to relax which is rare for me.  This months theme was “My Life”.  As you can clearly see, my room needs a cleaning – my dresser is used to as a laundry hamper, lol.

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20140403_2063 copy

20140408_2015 copy

20140411_2115 copy

20140414_2562 copy

20140416_2617 copy

20140416_2668 web





My first outdoor session of the year!  We had a few random days in April where the weather wasn’t too chilly and this family was lucky enough to book their session on one of them.  The sun was shining so we found a great location in the beautiful town of Unionville for their session.  The little sweetie just celebrated her first birthday so we ended the session with a cake smash!

Markham Family PhotographerMarkham Family PhotographerMarkham Family Photographer

And here’s this sweetie’s cake smash!